The Essex County Bar Association’s leadership is comprised of four executive officers elected to two-year terms. Additionally, there is a Board of Directors who are members of the ECBA that are also elected to two-year terms. The executive officers and board members are responsible for creating and approving the ECBA’s annual budget, facilitating volunteer programs, including lawyer-for-a-day and conciliation programs, and organizing events including the Annual Meeting, Holiday Party and Young Lawyer networking.

Michael J. Merriam, Esq.

Michael J. Merriam is the President of the ECBA.  As president, Mike presides over all meetings of the ECBA and its Board of Directors, and appoints all standing committees and all special committees authorized by the Board.His firm, the Law Office of Michael J. Merriam, represents Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation and its subsidiaries in insurance defense claims.

Diane L. McGlynn, Esq.

Diane L. McGlynn is the Vice-President of the ECBA. As Vice-President, Diane acts in the absence of the President and also chairs the Long Range Planning Committee. Diane is a partner at the law firm of McGlynn & McGlynn in Salem, where she concentrates her practice in domestic relationship matters.

Janet E. Dutcher, Esq.

Janet E. Dutcher is the Treasurer of the ECBA.  As Treasurer, Janet chairs the ECBA budget committee and is responsible for the financial affairs of the ECBA, including maintenance of its records and accounts. Janet is a senior associate with the law firm of Kazarosian & Costello LLP, with offices in Haverhill and Salem. Janet concentrates her practice in the areas of civil litigation, discrimination, divorce and family law, employment law and personal injury.


Christopher T. Casey, Esq.

Christopher T. Casey is the Secretary of the ECBA. As Secretary, Christopher prepares and publishes a record of all meetings by the Board. Christopher has been practicing law for more than 25 years. A lifelong resident of the North Shore, after graduating from New England Law Boston, he started at the Casey and Casey Law Offices with his father, Joseph Casey, and his sister Pamela Casey O’Brien, who currently serves as Register of Essex Probate and Family Court.

Executive Director

Pamela L. Surette

Ex-officio Members

Jonathan Blodgett

Thomas Driscoll

Pamela Casey O’Brien

Board Members

Jessica S. Babine
Martha R. Bagley
Alexander J. Capano
Mario C. Capano
Arthur J. Carakatsane
Timothy J. Connors
Christopher A. Cornetta
Katherine M. DiGangi
Hon. (retired) Peter C. DiGangi
Robert J. Hartigan

Timothy P. Houten
Charles J. Keilty
John R. Keilty
Mark B. Lavoie
Robert A. Ledoux
David C. McBride
John J. McGlynn
Marc Moccia
Carlotta M. Patten


Henriette B. Perkins
Kim-Marie Phelan
Demetra Pontisakos
Joel Rosen
Paul J. Sahovey
Anne Stevenson
Erin K. Thurston
David J. Vasapolli

Past Presidents

Walter A. Costello
Joseph P. Dever
John P. Fitzgerald
Charles W. Goddard

Annette Gonthier-Kiely
Anne Gugino Carrigan
Robert L Holloway, Jr.
Marsha V. Kazarosian

James Lagoulis
Wendy R. Olinsky
Jeffrey T. Scuteri
John J. Vasapolli